Definitely the most growing branch in the industry for years now, the rap industry has become one of the most important sectors in the music industry.

I would like to point out that rap music here in Italy has been a true game changer. It has changed people and how they live and behave with others.

No doubt that the interest in doing this job for a living has also increased exponentially in the last few years.

Let’s start making clear that the role of the rapper usually combines songwriter, artists and also singer at times.

With all these skills I can safely say all you need to know is explained in the following section:

Don’t worry, everything works the same except for the musical genrewhich is more specific – and a couple of extra dynamics which I am going to analyze now.

So, assuming that you already read the entire previous section about singers/songwriters, you should already have an idea on how to start monetizing your skills. 

In this section of the article we will go a bit deeper into the last point, which is usually very important for a rapper/songwriter: searching for a producer/instrumentals on which to build your sound and career.

In this case, in fact, since this is a specific branch of the industry, the necessary instrumentals will mainly be hip hop, or trap, drill, r&b, ecc…


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EXCLUSIVE or STEMS Leasing: with these 2 types of leasing you can have the opportunity to mix and master your track professionally, and – in case of an exclusive purchase – you will be the only owner of the beat. This way you could go to your producer or studio of choice with a very clear idea on the final product.

Changing the beat to make it unique: by purchasing stems you will have the opportunity to put your own taste on the beat.  Add your own sound or ask a producer to help you making your track unique and different form the original product.

Find a producer/beatstore you trust: before you buy a track from a producer, I would recommend listening to other tracks as well to understand if you would be able to create your own style/sound over time. This could be the most important point for your long-term strategy, as you will not have to change beat store every time and you will have a reference point for all your tracks.

Quality/price: be careful to pay crazy prices for a beat. If you purchase the track stems and put a few hours into recording and editing, you should always be able to get to the track final result.


MP3/WAV Leasing: unless you are a BEGINNER, which means you do NOT still know how to do your job in the best way possible, I will definitely suggest you to avoid buying an mp3 or wav just to save $40 on the trackIt is completely non-sense because a well-made track needs to be mixed and mastered professionally. If you only use an mp3 (basically the lowest quality in the industry) or even a wave, you would find yourself unable to mix anything specifically and professionally.

Releasing A LOT of music quickly but low quality: it is clear that most rappers make a mistake by releasing very low quality music without thinking about the long-term consequences. Think 5 times before you do what you do and create a good strategy to reach as many people as possible with good quality music.


As you may have understood, as long as you don’t have producers who are fully dedicated to your project, this could be a very interesting strategy.

I must say that this is still not everything you’ll need to know. 

There is also a whole sector dedicated to video-making, branding and music promotion: we will not go through that in this article, as this is a topic that CHANGES APPROACH from artist to artist.

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